hello foto!

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to the imagery!



nikki’s call

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I dreamt that I called out for nikki because she ran out the door. The next thing i know, I get woken up because nikki comes walking into my room and sticks her head in my face. She must’ve heard me calling from my dream! Woooaaahhh!

the photo booth

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There were four of us and a photo booth. My mom, hitoshi, one other and myself. The other was a girl, but i cannot remember who it was. Three of us managed to cram inside the tiny photo booth and the girl decided not to join us. Partly because there was no space inside the booth for her and she didn’t seem interested. We had trouble arranging ourselves so that we’ll all be in the shot, but we eventually managed and were happy with the random shots that were taken. We had an orange background.

While waiting for the photo to come out, we realized that there was some sort of mechanical error and that the prints were backed up. I looked through the slot and managed to fix the problem by unlodging the release valve that was stuck. A photo slid out, but it wasn’t ours. More photos began coming out but still, it wasn’t our photo. It was interesting looking at the photos of other people. Some were fun like ours, while others were intended for passports. All of them had a different expression and they were all equally intriguing. But it made me wonder, why had they abandoned the photo booth without recieving their photo? Did they just assume it was just out of order and walked away? How long did they wait before they realized something was wrong? Why didn’t they try to fix the problem? Eventually our photo came out and I forgot all about my questions.

the flood

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Water defied gravity. I was an elder living  in a remote village in China, where the houses and buildings were carved out of the landscape and on the side of rock faces. There was a flood coming that consumed each building individually with water starting from the bottom and moving up the entire landscaped feature, before overflowing and continue onto the next landscaped feature. The village folk were abandoning their homes and moving away from the source of the flood.

I was an old man in my home. There was a young girl and a small boy there with me. I was in some sort of meditative trance where i felt i was about to have an out of body experience. Things got darker and darker, and then i was out. I’m not sure where i went, but i came back shortly after with a renewed sense of understanding.


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It was a lovely summer day. The sun was out and the temperature was perfect. I had a late night and felt the need to catch up on some sleep. I’m not sure what changed my mind, but I decided to go out and enjoy the day instead. Outside was an incredible coastline with a beautiful beach that stretched as far as the eye can see. The beach sloped down towards the ocean and I started to jog at the top of the beach looking out to the most incredible shade of blue water i have ever seen. There were lots of people on the beach and I overheard a conversation between two women that were jogging behind me.

Women #1: “There are so many people here. I don’t like having to dodge and move around them when I jog.”

Women #2: “… then let them move for you.”


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i dreamt that mayonnaise was made out of tomatoes. weird.


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I haven’t had any dreams lately. Maybe i’m just not remembering them. I wonder why…

scuba submarine book

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I was living in an underwater station that acted as a school. I was back in high school again. There appeared to be an event going on as students were frantically running around in all directions trying to get somewhere. I bumped into Sarah Prior and she was all excited about wanting to go scuba diving and asked if I wanted to join her. I obliged and she told me to meet her in the water chamber. I went back to my room to get my wetsuit and on the way I passed several old HK friends that I haven’t seen in years. Apparently I was late as the crowd of people that was running around earlier all disappeared. I put on my wetsuit and started heading to the water chamber.

When I got there, the teacher in charge told me I was late and that the submarine was leaving in 3 minutes. I had to pass a series of tests to make sure I was a good enough swimmer before I was allowed on. There was a swimming pool with jets of water squirting out from all the edges. It was to test how strong a swimmer you were and whether or not you would be able to swim against the current to get to the edge of the pool. There were 3 people in the pool trying to complete the task. The teacher told me to hurry up and I jumped into the pool and easily did my laps and climbed back out of the pool. The teacher gave me the go ahead and I ran up a ramp to get to the submarine.

The view changed. I was no longer following myself, but continued to view the ramp that was now empty. Whatever occurred in the submarine was a mystery. An unknown amount of time passed. I saw myself running down the ramp holding onto a black hardcover book that looked old and weathered. It was of utmost importance to hide the book. I ran towards several shelves of books and what appeared to be a mini library. I hid behind the shelves as those pursuing me passed. I carefully counted the rows, aisles and shelves of the mini library and slid the book onto one of the shelves. I took a few steps back to remember the exact location and to capture the image in my head. Once I was convinced I’ve committed the location to memory, I left.


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Multiple open bags of baby carrots in the fridge. Wasn’t sure which one was mine. One very oily chocolate cake. I felt like vomitting after taking a bite.

cat fight

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It was the evening. I was standing on a fire escape stairwell on the side of a brick building, looking down into the back alley. I saw a dumpster with an area just next to there that would’ve acted as a nice public square had it not been the decrepit surroundings. Several cats started appearing and began congregating at the centre of the square. They seemed to be up to no good. The group of cats all of a sudden became very tense and looked up towards the buildings. Many more cats started appearing, but this time they were on higher ground and all over the fire escape stairwells of the buildings surrounding the alleyway. There was a long pause of silence and it was obvious that these were two rival cat gangs, and all hell was about to break loose. It did, and cats starting flying left, right and centre and I had to duck to avoid being hit by a flying cat. The meows were deafening.

As I watched on, I noticed a small kitten that was falling off the edge of the stairwell and dived to save it. I managed to grab it before it fell, but the kitten was too frightened at the whole ordeal and started scratching me all over. I felt like I was being shocked with a high voltage of electricity all throughout my body. I was surprised that such a tiny little thing was able to inflict so much pain. I finally managed to calm it down by wrapping it in a blanket and rocking it like a baby.

After the fighting died down, I went around checking out the damage. There were dead and injured cats littered all over the back alley and stairwells. As I looked around, I saw kitty sleeping peacefully on top of some boxes. He looked happy.