the photo booth

There were four of us and a photo booth. My mom, hitoshi, one other and myself. The other was a girl, but i cannot remember who it was. Three of us managed to cram inside the tiny photo booth and the girl decided not to join us. Partly because there was no space inside the booth for her and she didn’t seem interested. We had trouble arranging ourselves so that we’ll all be in the shot, but we eventually managed and were happy with the random shots that were taken. We had an orange background.

While waiting for the photo to come out, we realized that there was some sort of mechanical error and that the prints were backed up. I looked through the slot and managed to fix the problem by unlodging the release valve that was stuck. A photo slid out, but it wasn’t ours. More photos began coming out but still, it wasn’t our photo. It was interesting looking at the photos of other people. Some were fun like ours, while others were intended for passports. All of them had a different expression and they were all equally intriguing. But it made me wonder, why had they abandoned the photo booth without recieving their photo? Did they just assume it was just out of order and walked away? How long did they wait before they realized something was wrong? Why didn’t they try to fix the problem? Eventually our photo came out and I forgot all about my questions.


~ by vincentlukismyname on February 27, 2009.

One Response to “the photo booth”

  1. weird that hitoshi was in the dream.

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